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Fairmont, MN – Most homeowners want an efficient, comfortable and safe home, but getting there can be confusing. Often, the best first step is getting a home energy audit. From Sept. 26 to 28, professionals will be devoting their time and attention to Fairmont residents who schedule an in-home energy-saving audit with Minnesota Energy Resources, the area’s natural gas utility.

“If you wish to solve comfort problems or reduce your energy bills, a home energy audit can help,” noted Jeff Larson, Senior External Affairs Manager, with Minnesota Energy Resources. “The energy auditor will visit your home and provide energy saving suggestions that also will improve the comfort, durability, safety and affordability of your home.”

The professional auditors are happy to answer specific questions about energy use and help homeowners figure out what really makes sense for their homes. A Minnesota Energy Resources customer commented after receiving an audit, “The auditor was awesome and really knew his trade.” Another was even more impressed: “The auditor was outstanding!”

There are two options for energy audits, Standard and Performance.

During a Standard Audit, the energy professional will analyze a home’s energy use by looking at utility bill usage, building structure, and equipment. The auditor also will install some energy-saving items for free. Specialized tests will indicate how leaky a home is and how well the furnace and appliances are operating. At the close of the audit, the homeowner will receive a list of energy-saving recommendations, prioritized to show the best return on investment.

As a part of the audit fee, the auditor will properly install any of the following energy saving items the home might currently be without: pipe wrap insulation, low-flow faucet aerators, and low-flow showerheads.

Between the items that get installed during the visit and the expert advice each homeowner receives, each audit is valued at over $300. The utilities cover most of the cost of the audit. The customer is only responsible for a copay of $50, which is added to your natural gas bill. In another Minnesota Energy Resources home energy audit recipient’s words, “Best $50 we ever spent! It was very helpful.” Low-income customers may participate in this program at no cost.

A Performance Audit may be the best fit for your needs if a home has experienced any of the following:
Ice dams on the roof
Moisture or frost in the attic
Mold or moisture spots on interior walls
Condensation on your windows
Stains around ceiling exhaust fans
Cold spots in areas of the house
Inadequate or older insulation

A performance audit includes everything a standard audit includes, as well as an infrared camera inspection to further pinpoint the location of heat loss and air leaks. A report with infrared camera pictures will be emailed to you. The performance audit has a customer copay of $125.

Ready to save energy and money and make your home more safe and comfortable? Request a home energy audit with Minnesota Energy Resources for Sept. 26 to 28 by telephone at 1-800-376-0517 or online by visiting


About Minnesota Energy Resources: Minnesota Energy Resources delivers natural gas to 232,000 customers in 184 communities across Minnesota. For more than 80 years, we’ve grown and changed with the communities we serve. Our employees are dedicated to delivering natural gas safely and reliably. We help our customers save energy.

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