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The Martin County Sheriff's Office is investigatng what appears to be a tri state identity theft case after a taffic stop in Fairmont last week. According to the report a Martin County Sheriff's deputy stopped a suspicous vehicle as it came off I-90 . The vehicle had been spray painted black and had no visible license plates. The deputy in his report said he found three people in the vehicle when he made the stop. When asked nobody could produce proper registration of ownership of that vehicle. Dispatch was able to identify the vehicle as stolen from Sioux Falls, At that time other officers were called in. All three people were patted down and taken into custody and then transported to the Martin County Jail and the vehicle was impounded. Further searches of the vehicle led to the discovery of a backpack that contained several items including some notebooks that contained information on how to obtain identities,verfy banking info,credit cards,written checks and how to use an electronic app, find info on proxy servers that offer other devices to connect to and through and Spokeo an online search engine to collect and store people's addresses,phone numbers and other info. Passports for other for people other than those in the vehicle. Also found in the backpack numerous Social Secuirty cards,drivers licenses and several I.D. cards from multiple states.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as 34 Brian James Turkey of Sioux Falls who faces a felony charge of possession of stolen property which carries a penalty if convicted of 5 years in jail/ 10,000 dollar fine or both. He also faces a gross misdemeanor charge for drug possession. Penalty carries a 1 year in jail/3,000 fine if convicted and also a petty misdemenor charge of possession of drug paraphanalia.
One of the passengers 26 year old Casey Lynn LaBeau of Rosemount,MN faces a felony charge of identity theft. Maximum penalty if convicted of 20 years in jail/100,000 dollar fine or both,plus a felony possesion of stolen property charge with max penalty of 5 years in jail/10,000 dollar fine or both.
The other pasenger 34 year old Sarah Anne Mahana Tina of Swea City,Iowa was charged with the felony identity theft charge-max penalty 20 years in jail/100,000 dollar fine or both and a felony posession of stolen property charge-max penalty if convicted 5 years in jail/ 10,000 dollar fine.
Under questioning Casey Labeau said she was aware that Turkey and Tina had been involved with burglaries and thefts in Minnesota,Iowa and South Dakota including from mailboxes but she was not involved in that according to the criminal complaint.

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