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Official 2016 General Election Results: Minnesota Voters Make History

SAINT PAUL — It’s official: Minnesota voters made history in 2016—setting records for the total number of Minnesotans ever to vote in a general election, the total number of voters who cast their ballots early, and the total number of voters who registered before Election Day.

The five-member State Canvassing Board today certified the official November 8 General Election results. 2,968,281 voters cast a ballot—resulting in a turnout rate of 74.72 percent, which is likely to be number one in the nation, according to turnout rates from the United States Election Project.

“I challenged the people of Minnesota to return our state back to number one in voter turnout and it looks like Minnesotans stepped up to that challenge,” said Secretary of State Steve Simon. “Minnesota’s historic early voting and online voter registration numbers show that Minnesotans want the increased convenience and accessibility when it comes to elections, and I look forward to continue working to make it as easy as possible for eligible voters to make their voices heard.”

A publicly-funded recount will be conducted in Senate District 14 since the results show a vote difference of less than 0.5 percent and an official recount request from the losing candidate has been filed. The SD14 recount is expected to begin on Monday, Dec. 5. A discretionary recount request in Congressional District 8 by the losing candidate has also been received. The official timeline for the recount in Congressional District 8 will be determined after a total cost estimate is obtained from each county to recount the ballots and payment by the losing candidate to cover the expected costs of the recount is received.

Minnesota Voters Make History

Minnesota’s turnout rate of 74.72 percent—based on Minnesota’s estimated eligible voter count of 3,972,330—is likely to be number one in the nation, according to turnout rates from the United States Election Project. See details below for previous years.

In 2016, more Minnesotans than ever before—2,968,281 voters—cast a general election ballot. See details below for previous years.

In 2016, more Minnesotans than ever before cast their ballots early by voting absentee. 678,336 voters—or 22.85 percent of all voters—cast their ballots early, which is more than double that of any previous election. This is the first presidential-election year where Minnesotans no longer needed an excuse to vote absentee—a reform known as “no-excuses absentee voting.” Secretary Simon was the chief author of the no-excuses absentee voting bill when he served in the legislature.

More Minnesotans than ever before registered to vote before Election Day—3,270,734. In 2016 alone, a record-breaking 350,224 Minnesotans took advantage of the online voter registration system. And on Oct. 17—in just a single day—a historic 67,235 Minnesotans registered online.
Official Voter Statistics for the November 8 General Election and Previous Elections

Turnout (based on eligible voters):

2016 — 74.72%
2014 — 50.5%
2012 — 76.42%
2010 — 55.83%
2008 — 78.11%
2006 — 60.47%
Total Voters:

2016 — 2,968,281
2014 — 1,992,566
2012 — 2,950,780
2010 — 2,123,369
2008 — 2,921,498
2006 — 2,217,818
Absentee Ballots Cast:

2016 — 678,336 (22.85 percent of all votes)
2014 — 198,143 (9.94 percent of all votes)
2012 — 267,464 (9.06 percent of all votes)
2010 — 127,333 (6 percent of all votes)
2008 — 293,830 (10.06 percent of all votes)
2006 — 146,529 (6.61 percent of all votes)
Election Day Registration:

2016 — 353,179 (11.90 percent of all registered voters)
2014 — 152,101 (7.63 percent of all registered voters)
2012 — 527,867 (17.89 percent of all registered voters)
2010 — 227,857 (10.73 percent of all registered voters)
2008 — 542,257 (18.56 percent of all registered voters)
2006 — 292,168 (13.17 percent of all registered voters)
About the Minnesota State Canvassing Board
The Secretary of State is required by the State Constitution and state statute (204C.31) to appoint members of the State Canvassing Board. By law, the members must be the secretary of state, two justices from the Minnesota Supreme Court and two district court judges. By law, no justices or judges who are members of the board may be candidates at the election. Board members include:

Steve Simon, Secretary of State, Chair
The Honorable Margaret H. Chutich, Associate Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
The Honorable Anne K. McKeig, Associate Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court
The Honorable Kathryn D. Messerich, Assistant Chief Judge, First Judicial District
The Honorable Erica H. MacDonald, Judge, First Judicial District


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