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FSAP Coalition board members and friends!

I am excited to pass along some GREAT news to you all! It is official, we got notification that we have been awarded the Federal Drug Free Community Grant that we applied for to help continue our coalition's important prevention work! What this means for us as a coalition is that we can now expand into all of Martin County and offer our alcohol and drug abuse prevention work and school prevention curriculum in all the Martin County area schools and communities who would like to partner with us! This is great news! Together we can continue to really make a difference in the lives of our youth and work together in all our communities to make them a better, healthier place to live! Now, by working together across all of Martin County, we can have even more impact using the strength of more community partners in leadership and youth leaders in all our schools!

I want you to know that we, as a committee know from our grant application process that the primary reason we got this grant is because of ALL OF YOU and the amazing work and great history of prevention work in our community through our coalition of community leaders! So, I can not thank you enough for letting me become part of FSAP coalition and work with you all over the last year! Greg, Sara and I are putting together a brief summary to share some statics of the changes we have seen in behaviors and attitudes over the last 5 years based on our prevention work.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our DFC committee members who worked so hard to write this grant including our amazing grant writer Sara Edmundson, who will be our DFC grant Program Director. A special thank you to all our DFC committee members including Bob Wallace, Greg Brolsma representing law enforcement, Ron Arens CPA, who will be the grant's business manager; our amazing FSAP Board President Dennis Lockwood, Margaret Dillard representing our Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and social media specialist, Roni Dauer representing Civic and volunteer organizations, Larry Behrens representing business, Rich Odom representing other organizations involved in reducing substance abuse, Andy Traetow representing schools, Cheryl Hamp Special Education Coordinator for Fairmont High School, Granada-Huntly East Chain, Truman and all 7-12 Parochial Schools and Youth First Board member, Anna Garbers representing Youth serving organizations, Kathy Smith representing State/local/Tribal Government, Freddy Martinez, The Light House representing Religious/Fraternal Organizations, Shannon Bass representing parents, Kassandra Lopez representing our youth and YOCO- Youth Coalition, Gary Andersen representing our media, Bob Bartingale representing healthcare professionals. We are so blessed to have each one of you on our committee as we go forward to fulfill our mission statement of working together to eliminate alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among Fairmont (and now into Martin County Area) youth by empowering and supporting them to make healthy choices. Thank you for your commitment to this DFC Grant and expanded coalition!

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