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Name City Qualified at: Date
Tom O'Brien Truman Online 05/01/14
Kelly Hilpipre Fairmont Hy-Vee 05/02/14
Nathan Anderson Armstrong Hy-Vee 05/02/14
Jayme Javers Fairmont Online 05/05/14
Joe Garletz Winnebago Online 05/06/14
Marri Kimmett Fairmont Online 05/07/14
Suzanne Biehn Sherburn Online 05/08/14
Tyler Feddersen Armstrong Online 05/09/14
Deb Alm Fairmont Online 05/12/14
Shawn Miller Ringsted Online 05/13/14
Troy Matheason Estherville Online 05/14/14
Jason Manley Armstrong Online 05/15/14
Jim Theobold Sherburn Tami's On The Ave 05/16/14
Ryan Graplar Truman Tami's On The Ave 05/16/14
Dan Stensland Blue Earth Online 05/19/14
Rich Berg Buffalo Center Online 05/20/14
Mark Hueper Wells Online 05/21/14
Nathan Leonard Truman Online 05/22/14
Travis Meysenburg Dolliver Jensen Stores 05/23/14
Todd Deling Ormsby Jensen Stores 05/23/14
Synnova Olson St. James Online 05/27/14
Jen Jorgenson Fairmont Online 05/28/14
James Burkey Fairmont Online 05/29/14
Chuck Dobson Fairmont Hawkins Chevrolet 05/30/14
Randy Johnson Jackson El Agave Restaurant 05/31/14
Mariah Schumacher Fairmont Online 06/02/14
Kim Spear Granada Online 06/03/14
Joyce Hillmer Fairmont Online 06/04/14
Doug Price Lakota Online 06/05/14
Angie Rogotzke Jackson Fairmont Ford 06/06/14
Laurence Lau Fairmont Fairmont Ford 06/06/14
Ralph King Dunnell The Still Bar & Grill 06/07/14
Mike Schultze Fairmont Bean Town Grill 06/09/14
Brenna McGregor Delavan Bean Town Grill 06/09/14
Kevin Kitzerow Fairmont Online 06/10/14
Kendra Sager Truman Online 06/11/14
Jeffery Larson Fairmont Online 06/12/14
Rick Milbrandt Fairmont Hy-Vee 06/13/14
Kristen Thompson Blue Earth Hy-Vee 06/13/14
Ladonna Craig Armstrong True Value Hardware 06/14/14
Brandon Splinter Fairmont Marina Lodge 06/14/14
Jodell Sanders Elmore Marina Lodge 06/14/14
Paul Carroll Armstrong Onine 06/16/14
Mark Cooling Madelia Online 06/17/14
Darrel Peterson Fairmont Graham Tire 06/18/14
David Wright Fairmont Graham Tire 06/18/14
Stacy McAleavy Fairmont Online 06/19/14
Aaron Hartmann Granada Car Parts Direct 06/20/14
Rick Padgett Fairmont Car Parts Direct 06/20/14
Amy Eich Sherburn Steve Williamson Seeds 06/22/14
Blake Potthoff Fairmont Steve Williamson Seeds 06/22/14
Sue Raine Fairmont Online 06/23/14
Richard Mosloski Granada Online 06/24/14
Mindy Schmidtgal Fairmont Online 06/25/14
Lee Obernolte Fairmont Online 06/26/14
Duane Diers Fairmont Tami's On The Ave 06/27/14
David Carroll Fairmont Tami's On The Ave 06/27/14
Arlo Anderson Estherville Okoboji Harley Davidson 06/28/14
Curtis Drost Spirit Lake Okoboji Harley Davidson 06/28/14
Mike Will Fairmont Granada Street Dance 06/27/14
Shawn Sikora Spencer Online 06/30/14
Gary Johnson Good Thunder Online 07/01/14
Mary Nelson St. James Online 07/02/14
Paul Berhow Truman Online 07/03/14
Robin Olson Winnebago Ernie's Harley Davidson 07/05/14
Tom Bergum Bancroft Ernie's Harley Davidson 07/05/14
Dar Quastad Armstrong Oleson Chiropractic 07/05/14
Bonnie Pergande Armstrong Oleson Chiropractic 07/05/14
Joe Breiter Blue Earth Online 07/07/14
Clair Klug Welcome Online 07/08/14
Tracee Johnson Sherburn Legend's Pub & Grill 07/09/14
Henry Weihe Truman Steve Williamson Seeds 07/10/14
Margo Isebrand Truman Steve Williamson Seeds 07/10/14
Sandy Steuer Blue Earth Fairmont Ford 07/11/14
David Bulfer Fairmont Fairmont Ford 07/11/14
Amanda Diers Ceylon Car Parts Direct 07/11/14
Jordan Carey Fairmont Car Parts Direct 07/11/14
Sarah McCall Algona Online 07/14/14
Shane Kuehl Truman Elm Creek Agronomy 07/15/14
Brian Hendricksen Truman Elm Creek Agronomy 07/15/14
Carol Zender Sherburn Online 07/16/14
Kristen Heenan Blue Earth Online 07/17/14
Tara Kalash Winnebago Graham Tire 07/18/14
Brett Rich Truman Graham Tire 07/18/14
Herbie Wittmus Fairmont Martin County Pork Producers 07/18/14
Felicia Shumski Fairmont Martin County Pork Producers 07/18/14
Leroy Risk Truman Marina Lodge 07/21/14
Kayla Armstrong Fairmont Marina Lodge 07/21/14
Lance Eckert Estherville Online 07/22/14
Tina Schmidt Fairmont Online 07/23/14
Mickie Barnett Fairmont Online 07/24/14
Allan Berkness Fairmont Expressway BP 07/25/14
Scott O'Sell Fairmont Jensen Stores 07/25/14
Jodi Frerichs Estherville Jensen Stores 07/25/14
Keith Poulson Fairmont The Crew Cuts For Men 07/26/14
Brian Egeness Fairmont Bean Town Grill 07/28/14
Kim Bulfer Fairmont Bean Town Grill 07/28/14
Mark Halverson Truman Online 07/29/14
Steve Luhmann Fairmont 2nd Chance Drawing 07/30/14
Doug Elbers Fairmont 2nd Chance Drawing 07/31/14
Bill Wiebe Fairmont Online 07/30/14
Ryan Wille Truman 2nd Chance Drawing 07/31/14
Robbin Neusch Armstrong Online 07/31/14
Jesse Bettin Fairmont Online 07/31/14
Amy Cook Armstrong Tami's On The Ave - Final Drawing 08/01/14
Sandy Musegades Fairmont Tami's On The Ave - Final Drawing 08/01/14

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